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  Mid-Infrared Optoelectronics


Provide a complete line of unique optoelectronic Mid-Infrared devices, including light emitting diodes, photodiodes and semiconductor lasers, for the spectral 1600-4600 nm range. The specifications and prices are available online. Click here for more information.


  New Polarization Conversion and Recycling Device


HPyramid™ Reflector - high efficiency polarized light converter

HPyramid™ Reflector is an amazing new optical component for high efficiency polarization conversion and recycling systems. This uniquely designed half-pyramid shaped reflector has many advantages over traditional retarders/waveplates, such as high efficiency; insensitivity to wavelength variations of the light source, to temperature changes, and to polarization alignment errors; simplicity in structure, and low manufacturing cost ... (more information)


  High Efficiency LCOS & LCD Optical Engines (Patent pending)


LCD Optical Engines for Imaging and Projection Applications (US patent pending)

The unique LCD and LCoS optical engines have the advantages of high efficiency, temperature stability, long durability, small size, simplicity in structure and low cost. In addition, it could be used in applications where illuminating panels of small size is needed.


  WAPS II-L Projection Lens System


Wide Angle Lens for Visible Imaging and Projection Applications (US patent pending)

The WAPS II-L lens series provide wide field angle, short projection distance, small throw ratio, long working distance, low lateral color, low image distortion and high contrast. The systems are composed of only spherical lenses.
(more information)


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