High quality and cost effective optical components for OEM optical systems


ChinaOpticsNet.com is a worldwide optical products network to provide high quality and cost effective OEM solution for customized optical system needs. The headquarter of ChinaOpticsNet is located in Changchun China, one of the biggest optics manufacturing bases in China.


ChinaOpticsNet is owned and supported by some prominent Chinese optical industry leaders in manufacturing a wide range of optical components.

Different from most of the Chinese Optical products suppliers, ChinaOpticsNet has regional sales offices in USA, Canada, Japan and Brazil with a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians to provide its customers guaranteed quality of



Quality OEM Optical
Components at Low Cost


service at the best possible price.

ChinaOpticsNet offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of optical products, such as products in Optics (Optical Components), Laser Accessories, Imaging and Cameras, Light Sources & Illumination, Coating, Optoelectronics and Materials. ChinaOpticsNet has wide supplier connections in Chinese optical industries and world market penetration.


ChinaOpticsNet committed to provide our customers with the best total value in industrial optical products and OEM design. Central to MicroSensor Technology's mission are the following goals:

  • To distribute high quality and cost effective products
  • To serve our customers with today's finest solution in optical industry
  • To achieve our mission via Quality, Integrity, and Commitment to excellence

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