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Addressing the needs of polarized light applications for efficient polarization conversion

HPyramid™ Reflector

Conventional reflective polarizer with no polarization conversion and recycling device attached is inefficient, due to the fact that during s-p polarization split, severe loss of light occurs and only a maximum of one-half of the available light from the source can be converted to polarized light.

HPyramid™ Reflector is an apparatus for polarization conversion and recycling by using a half-pyramid shaped reflector with multiple reflective surfaces, or reflector assembly, to obtain a desirable polarization rotation effect, without using any waveplate. The reflective surfaces of HPyramid™ Reflector are formed that an incoming beam passing perpendicularly through the entrant surface is reflected three times inside and leaves the exit surface with the direction of polarization being rotated 90 degrees. The advantages of HPyramid™ Reflector include: it is not sensitive to wavelength variations of the light source, temperature changes, and polarization alignment errors. The Reflector can be used for application which needs high efficiency polarization conversion and recycling. A typical application is for LCD based flat panel display and projection systems.

H-Pyramid Reflector

  • High efficiency polarization rotation device
  • Not sensitive to wavelength variations
  • Not sensitive to temperature changes
  • Not sensitive to polarization alignment errors
  • No need to use any wave plate
  • Simplicity in structure and compactness in size
  • Flexibility to be assembled for various applications
  • Low manufacturing cost
  • Patented Technology

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