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Optical Products and Services

Customized Lens Design
Distribute high quality and cost effective optical products and offer OEM components for customized optical system design.

--WAPS II-L lens series

Polarization Conversion and Recycling Device
A new patented product for high efficiency polarization conversion and recycling systems.

--HPyramid™ Reflector

Medical Applications

Fluorescence Spectrometer
Fluorescence is a spectroscopic method of analysis where the molecules of the analyte are excited to higher energy levels by absorption of electromagnetic radiation at a certain wavelength or wavelengths and emit radiation of a different wavelength. The main advantage of fluorescence detection compared to absorption measurements is the greater sensitivity achievable because the fluorescence signal has in principle a zero background. OEM solution for applications which requirements fluorescence monitoring instrumentation products.


Surveillance Products

Discreet Dome System
Discreet Dome is a perfect solution for surveillance applications. The integrated dome system offers features including high resolution optical components, high accuracy mechanism, and powerful dome control functionalities provided by microprocessor based circuitry.

--OTRAK MWD-202 Discreet Dome


Software Development

IT Service

  • C, C++, Java, VB, ASP, JSP, VB/Java Scripts, SQL, PL/SQL and XML
  • Oracle, Informix, MS SQL Server, JDBC,ODBC,ADO,RDO
  • Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, Linux and SCO), NT Server, MS IIS, WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat, Sun Java Web server and JMS
  • Server side programming for COM,DCOM, Java Bean and Serverlets
  • System development and integration in multi-platform network
  • Logistic design and setting up networks, database and servers

Web Design

  • E commerce web site design
  • Interface design
  • Graphics design

Software Programming

  • C, C++ program
  • Database program
  • Operating Systems: UNIX (Solaris, Linux and SCO), NT Server, MS Windows
  • Embedded system program
  • Scientific and Statistics programming

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