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WAPS II-L Projection Lens System

(US Patent Pending)

Digital television will reach new heights of image performance and a revolutionary technology, Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS), is utilized in progressive-scan digital High-Definition television (HDTV). In LCOS microdisplay imaging technology, Light Engine is the heart of the HDTV display. Specialized in customized optical system design, Microsensor Technology designed and manufactured customized wide angle lens for several LCOS light engines.


Typical performance

- BFL/EFL > 4
- MTF @ 40 lp/mm > 0.5
- F# 2.8
- Distortion < 1.5 %


WAPS II-L is a series of projection lens systems, which provide wide field angle (± 38.4 degree), short projection distance (800 mm), small throw ratio (1.57:1), long working distance (BFD/EFL >4), low lateral color (less than half of pixel size), low image distortion (< 1.5%) and high contrast (MTF>0.5). The systems are composed of only spherical lenses to reduce the cost for fabrication of relatively expensive aspherical lenses.  

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