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July 2003

Phenix Optics Announces New Company

Shanghai, China - Phoenix Optics, an industry leader in China Optics Industry, today announced the formation of a new company, Shanghai Phenix Optoelectronics, to meet rapidly expanded demand for optical components in display industry. Shanghai Phenix Optoelectronics is a joint venture company with Microsensor Technology, FL, USA to offer a full line of engineering and manufacturing optics solution to serve customers in display industry worldwide.

Phoenix Optics is an industry leader in China specializing in camera, telescope, microscope, opto-mechanical equipment, and a wide array of optical component products. In 1997, Phoenix became the first Chinese optical company going public (Shanghai Stock Exchange: 600071, one of the component companies in SSE180 Index). Currently, Phoenix is the largest camera product supplier in China and its Phoenix brand is the most recognized Chinese brand in the category.

Microsensor Technology is a Orlando, FL based company to develop customized optical devices and instruments.

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